Sunday, August 24'th

Leaving Flåm with the highlight-attraction in the area - the Flåmsbana to Myrdal. The railway-line is 20 km. long, and is a spectacular ride.

It's mainly used by tourists, but we are a lot this morning. Flåm is a popular destination amond bicyclists. You use your bicycle downhill - and the take the train uphill.


Dancing at  Kjosfossen

There is a special "photo-stop" at Kjosfossen. And suddenly when you stand there - enjoying the scenery and taking your pictures - a Hardanger-violin starts to play through the loudspeakers, and an elf-maid starts to dance in front of the waterfall. They sure do something to make the people using the trains happy in this area.

In Myrdal I change for the train to Bergen. That's a fast train running through a lot of tunnels - so most of this part of the journey is pretty dark.

The sun is shining above Bergen - and I find my hotel-room at Crowded House. This is almost like getting back home. 

I head for the city again. I take the Fløi-banen to the top of the Fløi-hill overlooking the city. Very nice views from here.  

Monday, August 25'th

View from Ulriken

Sometimes you have to get practical. This is today. Washing my clothes at Jarlens Vaskoteque.

Then bus to the outskirts of Bergen and the aearial ropeway up 642 to the top of Ulriken. Another great view of the city from here - and also of the fiords, lakes and mountains surrounding Bergen.

Down again - and by foot back to the city.

In the evening another walk, where I - kind of accidentaly - gets to see the nice neighbourhood of Sydnes. Old houses made of wood, and nice little streets. Then for the movies - Bergen Kino - to see the brazilian movie "City of Gods". Great movie that is.

Tuesday, August 26'th

After breakfast - a cup of coffee and a huge bun from 7-Eleven, it's a nice walk to Bergens Akvarium out on Nordnesset. An oldfashioned aquarium from the times before everything had to be interactive

Rest of the day is just strolling around. No particular place to go. I find more of those small neighbourhoods with old and very fine wooden-houses. Also I check out the University of Bergen, an art-museum, a nice park - Nygaardsparken - and a mall Bergen Storcenter - where I take home a nice win on one of the many gaming-machines they seem to put up on every corner in this country. 

Downtown shopping-Bergen

Onsdag den 27. august

Nice houses at Sandviken

Start the day by moving out. Crowded House is full tonight - some musicians has booked the whole place. They have to take part in a Death Metal festival, so I'm pretty pleased that I have to finde somthing else.

I move to Bergen Gjestehus close by. A little more expensive, but then it includes own bathroom, tv and breakfast as well.

Rest of the day is another one without an agenda. Another trip up the Fløi-mountain, this time I walk down and then a walk out to the Sandviken-area - a very nice place.

Later more walking in this lovely town. Great athmosphere - just stay away from the worst tourist-traps around town down at the Fishmarket, where everything they sell is crap for the tourists.

Thursday, August 28'th

Leaving Bergen - and the ricicolously high prices - and the cars, that stop everytime you look like someone that just have an intend to cross the street - and where a garage or celler will never stay empty for more than 2 weeks, before one of the local discount-stores Rimi or Rema1000 will open another one.

Leaving with SAS at noon. But no way. An engine will not start properly, so they have to call Copenhagen for a spare-part. That means a 4 hours delay - food-coupons - and a boring waiting-time. Not much of a problem for me - but those missing a connection for Japan or USA in Copenhagen doesn't seem to happy about it. The will get a delay on one day!!. It's quite funny to see how a facade of an airline crushes when such a thing goes wrong. They all have their fine uniforms and their great smiles - but when you are in need of competent people who can make decisions and help the customers in need - they have nothing to offer except for a nice smile. 

My 4 hour deley is 6 when I finally reach Billund, because I had to wait for another plane in Copenhagen. It's a great thing to travel - but the travel itself is sometimes quite anoying. 

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