Monday, april 4'th


Another day of transportation. Train from Krakow at 6 am. Change of train in Katowice. And finally arriving Prague at 3 pm. I take the metro to Holesevice, and a short walk to Extol Inn, my hotel in Prague.

There's a few hours for a sightseeing-walk. Tram no. 3 to the tourist-ghetto at Starometske Namesti. Tourists all over, so I head for the small streets and the area aroung Molday before returnint to the hotel.

Tuesday, april 5'th

First metro to Namesti Republicy. From their by foot through Stare Mesto to Moldau - crossing a bridge - uphill to Hanavsky Pavillon, and a great view of the city and the river Molday.

Downhill again and following the river on the "wrong side" to Mala Strana. In my opinion this is the nicest part of Prague. The area was hit by the floods a few years ago, but has now been reconstructed and looks as nice as ever.

View from Hanavsky Pavillon

Malostranska Namesti

Then I head for Petrin Hill for the cablecar to the top. But cablecar is shut down due to repair, so I have to walk to the top instead. On the top I pass the Eiffel-tower look-a-like in Prague and head for the Strahov-monestary. Lunch at a nice little cafe round the corner, that I also treid last time I was in Prague.

Downhill from now - passing the castle and through some more nice streets before I arrive at Malostranske Namesti. Now I'm tired, and I take a tram back to the hotel. A very nice walk in the nice parts of Prague, where there are not to many tourists.

In the evening a short walk in my local neighbourhood. Dinner at a local restaurant with local prices. Thats app. half the price you pay at the restaurants downtown, that mainly cater for the tourists, and where noone local would ever consider going. Less then 1 Euro for a pint of lager - thats cheap.

Wednesday, april 6'th

Trip 1 with tram 3 to Vysehrad. Here there's a nice churchyard, a nice church and a nice view of Prague and Moldau - and almost no tourists.

Trip 2 is another walk passing most nice places in Stare Mesto. Passing the Powder-tower, through the small alleys and the jewish quarter Josofov. Then to the tourist-traps - Starometske Namesti and the Charles-bridge. On the other side of the bridge I take tram 12 back to the hotel


Peter & Paul church in Vysehrad

Thursday, april 7'th

From Frantiskanska Zahrada

Some morning-shopping at the yellow market close to my hotel. I buy myself a new pair of sneakers in a shop that looks respectabel.

In the afternoon I head for Nove Mesto - the new city. New and new - it was established in 1348 - but Stere Mesto - old city - is older. Not that many sights in Nove Mesto, but a nice place to take a walk. There's a very nice park Frantiskanska Zahrada - an old monestary garden - hidden just behind the hazzle and dazzle of Vazlavske Namesti. 

In the evening it's time for a little culture. Black-light theatre - a special kind of local performance-theatre including pantomime and dance. Pretty weird. The show is called "Cabinet" and the theatre is Divadlo Image. A group of german scoolchildren in the audience is quite anoying. But the thing is also a little to strange for my taste.

To Dresden

Another strange photo from Nove Mesto