Sverige 2012 english

Thursday, july 5th


The train leaves for Aalborg at 8. From there I take a bus to Frederikshavn. In Frederikshavn I board the Stena Jutlandica at noon for Gothenburg. It's a nice trip by ship - mainly spend outdoors - and the entry through the Gothenburg archipelago is spectacular.


In Gothenburg I find a tram to the city-center - and my hotel.


















My hotel - Grand Hotel Opera - is located next to the Railway Station. I check in at room 311. I take a small break before heading up and down Avenyn - according to the locals the Champs Elysées of Gothenburg. Thats a mild exaggeration.


Dinner at a Burger King and Coffee at Starbucks - not a very Swedish start here. Then a short walk to Nya Ullevi - the local football ground.


Friday, july 6th


After breakfast I head out for my first walk today. It's a long one taking in Fiskekirken - a local fish-market looking much like a church. Further on to Jerntorvet before I reach the area of Linne. It's a nice and ethnic area. Coffee is at a local Saluhal - that's very Swedish. I continue to Haga with old wooden houses and more tourists. Finally I reach Vasastan - an area with more housing. This is my place for lunch.


















It starts to rain now, so I head back for my hotel.


Trip 2 is shorter. Through the terrible shopping center of Nordstan next to my hotel. Then through a local area down to the harbour. For some reason there's also an Opera down there, and the usual number of apartments being build in almost any harbour in the western world. Coffee at the railway station - "påtår ingår" says the sign, and thats a good one - it means free refill. Dinner is a sandwich brought back to the hotel.


Saturday, july 7th


Transportation day today. I leave by train to Stockholm at 11. It's a 4 hour trip and very comfy in first class because that was the cheapest when I booked.


In Stockholm I grab a taxi to Crystal Plaza Hotel on Birger Jarls Gatan. Here I'm handled the key to room 208. A small room with all the necessary amennities.


The sun is shining so I go sightseeing immediately. I start with a 2 hour boattrip called "Under the Bridges of Stockholm". It's not only bridges but also 2 locks. It's an interesting trip and a good introduction. Dinner is at a sportsbar on Birger Jarls Gatan, before heading to the hotel - just to find out that the shower is not working - and therefore being removed to room 110.


Sunday, july 8th


Breakfast is fine at this hotel. At 11 I'm ready to take in the city. Todays destination is Södermalm - not on the classic tourist trail - but many people see this as the most interesting part of Stockholm. At Stadsmuseet I get hold on a Milennium-Guide. Much of the Milennium trilogy take part in Södermalm, and this guide take you to most of the places in the book.


















I start at Bellmansgaten 1 where Mikael Blomkvist livet, and pass different places from the books, including the Millennium headquarter, the 7 Eleven where Lisbeth Salander bought her Pan Pizzas and the house, where she bought a 21 room big apartment - and only used 2.


Finally I take Tunnelbanen back to the Hotel.


Trip no. 2 is shorter. In to downtown passing Sergels Torv, passing some shopping streets and crossing the bridge to Gamla Stan. Now it starts to rain, so I save Gamla Stan for later.


Monday, july 9th


Today is for Gamla Stan. I'm not the only one with this idea. But most people prefer to walk up and down 2 streets where all souvenir-shops are located. I head for the small streets and alleys - this is the real Gamla Stan. I end up at Ridderholmen, with a nice view across Mäleren - the lake surrounding Stockholm. Then back home for watching Tour de France on the TV


















Later a visit to a Museum. It is called Fotografiska and is the photographic Museum of Stockholm. There'a a nice exhibit about the Olympic Games with lots of good photos you can only admire. There are other exhibits as well - but they are to artsy for me.

Dinner at the hotel, Icecream from 7 Eleven and a football match at the room concludes this day.


Tuesday, july 10th


Tram to Djurgården from the morning. The main purpuse is to see the Vasa-Musuem with the Vasa-ship from 1628. But the line is to long for me so I head for the Waldemarsudde instead. There's a nice museum and great views of the Baltic Sea and Stockholm - and a great cafe as well.


















The late walk is in the local neighbourhood of Östermalm. There's a nice Saluhal and the old Olympic Stadium fro 1912 is here. It's still in use - and Djürgården play their homematches here.


Dinner at Ming at the hotel - and an icecream as well.


Wednesday, july 11th


Boattrip to Vexholm today. Wexholm is one of the easiest accesible islands in the Stockholm archipelago. It takes an hour to get there. There are some tourist hangig out - it's a great place for a day out. I walk around - find a cafe - grab some food - walk around again - getting lost - returns to the harbour and takes a steamboat back.


Back in Stockholm it's time for coffee and a huge piece of cake - they like their cake in this country.


Dinner at McD and a walk in the Norrmalm-area. Now I have been to all the "malms" in this city.


















Thursday, july 12th


First trip of the day is to a place that's not in the tourist guides. It's called Hammerby Sjöstad and I discovered it on my boattrip under the bridges. It's build by the old harbour, and is a nice mix between new residential areas and old - but restored industry. I like the mix - and this seems like a nice place to live.


I take a walk around before boarding a small - and free - boat, to the other side of harbour where Södermalm is located.


















I continue my walk in Södermalm, only interrupted by a good lunch at a tiny cafe, where everything is ecological and they only play Lisa Ekdahl. Then I head for Tunnelbanen, and returns to Östermalm, my hotel and Tour de France on the TV.


My evening-walk takes me to Skeppsholmen. Another nice area surrounded by water, boats and nice buildings.


Dinner at "Ming" and coffee at room 110.


Friday, july 13th


This was the end to Stockholm. At 11.15 I head for the train to Malmö. It takes 4½ hour to get there, before I can check in at Hotell Baltzer. It's a short walk from the central station, and room 310 will win the prize as the best one on this trip.


After check in and pack out I head for the old part of Malmö. There are some nice neighbourhoods, restaurants, squares - and a lot of people hanging out on a friday night. I find myself a great pizzeria for a splendid Calzone.


















Saturday, july 14th


After breafast it's time for more Malmö sightseeing. First stop is Malmöhus Castle. It's a nice walk to get there, through the park of Kungsparken. It was build back in 1436, but the old part is not open to the public. A pretty ugly building from 1930 houses some museums, that I skip.


From old to new. I head down to Vestre Hamnen to see the strange building called Turning Torso. I really don't understand why it doesn't fall over. I continue along the harbour with nice views across Öresund. It looks like rain - and rain it will be. I find shelter under a roof at a factory for half an hour. Then I head back to the hotel - taking in lunch on the way back


















After my break I go for another walk. That takes me through some shopping-streets to Pildamsparken. A guidebook compares it with Central Park - that's a lie. Dinner at my Pizzaria, before room 310 calls for me again.


Sunday, july 15th


I wake up at 8.30. Down for breakfast, then I pack my things. A short walk to Centralstationen and a train to Copenhagen at 9.53. Half an hour later I'm in Copenhagen. The train for Aarhus leaves at 10.50 - and arrives here at 1.40. That's it folks.



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Stockholm - Gamla Stan
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