Rotterdam 2017 english

Thursday, May 11th


This is going good. Timer for another trip. A long weekend in Rotterdam. Easy to get to. Bus to Billund – 50 minutes flight to Amsterdam – 30 minutes by train to Rotterdam – 20 minutes walk to Hotel van Walsum. Check in to room 116. Ok place. Lyon vs. Ajax on TV. It’s ok to go for Ajax, as long as they are not playing Feyenoord.


Friday, May 12th


Traditional breakfast. Then off to Rotterdam. To the touristinfo to get a bus/tram ticket valid for 3 days. Includes some coupons for cheaper access to sights. Starts raining. So first stop will be a museum. The Maritime Museum – a must for a city like Rotterdam. Pretty exiting – especially outside – when the rain stops. Then down to the harbour, and a harbour-trip on board Spido. A fine trip to parts of the huge Rotterdam Harbour. Probably just a slice. 1 hour 15 minutes. Lunchtime. Ecological bakery. Mistake. Then an hour at the hotel.


















Trip 2 is from a folder at the hotel – Rondje Rotterdam – one of those with a map and numbers from 1 to 70. I go to see the railway-station, shopping-streets, townhall, squares, churches, markethall and some famous yellow cubic-houses. Rotterdam was demolished in 1940, so there is really no old town. It’s a little bit like walking a suburb all the time. Back to the hotel. Pizza – much better than lunch.


















Saturday, May 13th


Long walk today. But only one. First through city-center. Down to Erasmusbridge, crossing the river Maas. Then to Kop Van Zuid. Cruise-ships down here. Rotterdam it is called. There is a hotel ship the same name. Confusing. Hotels and huge buildings here as well.


















Crossing a small bridge to Katendracht. Used to be Red Light District. Not anymore. Old stock-buildings made into an artsy place for the creative. Then other industry still working as such. Down to the canal. Lots of barges along it. More factories on the other side. Then I get out to Rotterdam – the hotel ship. Back through residential areas to the creative back to the creative stock-building. Lunch. Burger. Nice – but too much Rucola. Next to it I find the Dutch Pinball Museum. Get a ticket for 1 ½ hour. Now I’m like a child again, playing the old pinball’s like 40 years ago. Back crossing Kop Van Zuid, to Wilhelmina and a tram back to center and a short walk to the hotel. Back at 5 – so that’s it.


















Dinner is at my pizza-place. Now I’m a regular so Papa Pizza greets me with warm handshake. Finally a movie on my Ipad at the hotel.


Sunday, May 14th


Morningtrip by bus 44. Down to – or rather up into – Euromast. Nice view of Rotterdam. Then a walk in Het Park before heading back to the hotel.


















In the afternoon the highlight of this trip. I have been very lucky. Got a ticket to the match between Feyenoord an Heraclas. It’s in the football-cathedral DeKuip. It’s the final match of the season, and it’s going to decide if Feyenoord wins the championship. That happened last 18 years ago. The stadium is full to the max.


Here we go. And it just takes 37 seconds before Feyenoord is in front. Old Dick Kuyt the goalscorer. 11 minutes later it’s 2-0. Dick Kuyt again. Then it’s Heracles on the ball, but Feyenoord in control.


















Second half. Feyenoord is killing this game. 10 minutes before time they get a penalty. 3-0 – De Kuyt. 3-1 in overtime but no one cares. Finally the crowd goes berserk. Kissing, and hugging and singing. They are all so happy. Celebrations for an hour at the stadium – and for the rest of the evening and night in downtown Rotterdam.


Video - Feyenoord champions


Monday, May 15th


All schools are closed today. They have gone for celebration in downtown. I go in the other direction. To Delfshaven. First down at the river Maas. As in many other places they build apartments for the creative where there used to be docks. But nice to sit and watch the barges floating by.


















Then through some residential area. Very quiet. All people has gone downtown. Then to the old part of Delfshaven. One of the few areas that wasn’t destroyed in 1940. Old charming houses, houseboats and canals. Late lunch at a friendly café. Weather is nice, so you can sit outside. Through the streets before I head back to the hotel at 4 to pick up my luggage.


















Then a 44 to Rotterdam Central. Train to Schiphol – via Amsterdam -due to an accident. Check-in and security. Leaving at 10 – a little late. Arrival Billund at 11. Bus to Aarhus. Back at 2 am – going to bed – 6 hours till working.


Dressed for Success
MS Rotterdam
Kop Van Zuid
Dutch Pinball Museum
De Kuip
De Kuip
Delfshaven - hjem fra festen