Prag 2001 english

Saturday March 3'rd


Leaving Vejle by train at 6.48 am. Change train in Fredericia. In Hamburg at about 11 am - and a two hour wait before the departure for Prague.


Arrival in Prague at 8.30 pm - it's raining a little - and there's still a little snow lying here and there. A short walk to Hotel Axa - check in - and relax.


Sunday March 4'th


Getting up pretty early. A long walk from the hotel - via downtown - to the Castle - one of the famous sights in Prague.


This walk takes me throug the old Prague and across the Charles Bridge. There is a huge number of souvenir and other crap-shops. Then it's up the long hill to the castle. Gets to see the St. Vitus Cahthedral and the Old Royal Palace. Changing of the guard at noon - a little rainy - so the music keeps in-doors, with open windows and blow their horns.


















Lunch at Malý Buddha close to the castle. There are Buddha-figures in a room at the end of the restaurant, they play silent meditativ music, most courses are vegatarian, no alcohol around - only "healing" wines - and there is a strange smell of incense. Get myself a good lunch - for around 2 us$ - before I walk back to the hotel, to relax a little.


Another walk in the evening. Up and down Václevské Námesti. A shopping-street when it is worst.


Monday March 5'th


I start the day with a trip to the old jewish part of Prague called Josofov. I take a look at the old jewish cemetary and some old synagogues - now transferred to small museums, which they can use to fool the tourist and charge an exceptionally high fee to get in.

























Now it's time to get a little away from tourist-Prague. So I take the very efficient Metro to the Vltavska-station. Here is a funny - and very local - market - and surely some other prices than in downtown. Well - some of the stuff they are selling do look a little "hot".....


Then I walk to the station in the neighbourhood called Holesevice. This is a more normal neighbourhood, where real people work and live. From there I take the metro home. A quarter for a metroticket - that's kind of cheap I think.


Another break at the hotel - before I take a stroll around downtown for some more nice houses, beautiful squares and impressive buildings. Pizza and a pint at a small restaurant in one of the sidestreets for 3$ kind of finishes this day. In fact thats about half the entrence-fee to the jewish cemetary.


Tuesday March 6'th


The longest walk on this trip. From the hotel - via downtown - to U Lanové Pràhý. From here there is a steep funicular railway to Petrin Hill with a nice view across Prague. There is a tiny fantasy-castle Biudiste with a nice little labyrinth made out of mirrors. There is also a mini-Eiffeltower - which was closed du to renovation. Then I follow the Hladova Zed to the Strahov monestary - where I get another 3$ lunch at a nice little cafe (including a pint - and coffee at the top).


From here it is down-hill towards the Moldau-river. If you keeps right from the main tourist-route up towards the castle, then you will find a very nice neighbourhood with lots of nice houses. From there you can walk to the peninsula of Kampa in the river of Moldau. Here I met the only drunkard on this trip - he thought that Denmark had something to do with Valhalla!?. From Kampa you can walk up to the Charles Bridge again - and you are back on the mainstream tourist-route


















Back to the hotel - via the famous city-square of Prague - better known as Staroméstské namestí. There are huge numbers of con-men around here, trying to sell tickets to strange classical concerts. Smetane seems to be the guy that is the huge hit this year. Well - just tell them that you prefer rock'n'roll, and they will let you go.


At the hotel it's time for a short rest before going by the metro to Paegas Arena and tonights hockey-match between Sparta Prague and Pardubice.


It's the last game before the play-offs and Sparte has to win it to get through. Pardubice is safe. 8.300 spectators. There is a good and intense athmosphere in the rink. The match is great - and fast. Sparta win by 6 - 1, and almost everyone is happy. So it was sure worth taking the trip - and paying the enormous (!) entre-fee of 2$ for the match.


Take a walk back to the hotel. Late dinner at a local pizzaria - 3$ including pint and coffe - this is not the trip where you will go bankrupt.


Wednesday March 7'th


Metro to Vysehrad. Here is another fine castle - with a good view across Moldau and Prague. Very peacefull around here - not a single group of "umbrella-tourist" which is everywhere in the center and at the real castle.

























From here there is a long walk to the center - lunch at McDonalds (embarresing) - and not less embarresing because the only thing on the menu I know from back home is a "happy-meal" - so I ordet that - and finally notices what I have orderer, when the guy at the desk asks me what kind of toy I would like together with my meal :-)


More sightseeing in the center, before I turn my nose back to my afternoon-rest at the hotel.


In the evening it's time for a little culture, visiting the Laterna Magica. Laterna Magica is a kind of multimedia-theather, that once was critic to the society and "dangerous". Now they seem to run it to make the tourists happy - and all the money you can create by doing so. On the other hand, I find it pretty good - but I'm not used to so much...


Thursday march 8'th


Last day in Prague. Another long walk. First to the city-museum of Prague. A kind of old-fashioned place. From here I walk to the neighbourhood of Zitkov - and a walk up to Zitkov Hill. Here are one of those eastern-european monoments. First it was a tribute to the unknown soldier, but then some communist-leader those to use it as a mausoleum for himself. Now it's just a kind of nothing - slowly falling apart.


















From the hill down to Zitkov, which is a very nice workers-neighbourhood. Lunch at restaurant Victoria - gulyas for 1$ and 50 - a pint is almost 50 cents - best bargain on this trip. On Chech restaurants don't make it a problem that there are no tables available. If there is a free spot at a table where other people are sitting, it's ok to sit down there. I like that attitude.


Further on in this neighbourhood before things turn into concrete-slum. Then I turn around and head back for the hotel.


Back at the hotel in the afternoon, and thats all for today. Feet up, telly on and a good book this evening.


Friday March 9´th


Wake up early. Leaving Praha Hlavni Nadrazi at 5 to 9 am for Hamburg. Not the most exiting traintrip in the world, but its nice anyway to relax, and there are plenty of space.


In Hamburg at 5 pm. Into the restaurant to get a wiener-schnitzel (this is Germany!), before another train takes me to Fredericia. There I wait an hour before a third train take me to Vejle. Back home at midnight.




PS: Sorry for the bad pictures on this site. A guy at my photo-shop tricked me into buying bad films.

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