Münster 2017 english


October 12th to 15th, 2017

Thursday, October 12th


Time for a short break trip because there is so much time for the Christmas holidays. It is an extended weekend in the cozy German city of Münster.


After work, iI hurry home for luggage, to reach the Flensburg train at 17.30. In Flensburg, switch to Neumünster, and in Neumünster to Hamburg. Here it is by train to Frankfurt, where I get off inn Münster. It' s 1 am, so it has taken 7½ hours, but comfortable by rail..


In Münster a short walk to Hotel Windthorst, where I press a code on a machine, which then drops a key to room 29. And then I can go to bed.


Fricay, October 13th


I get up at 9, and then up at the front desk to say I'm here and have breakfast.


The weather is nice so it's perfect for a walk. Around the center of Münsters is a cycle and footpath on a small city wall. Münster is a university city and there at lots of bikes on the path. Closeby you will find past a nice castle. It is now used by the University. Behind there is also a nice park. The tour takes a couple of hours and ends with a magnificent Schnitzel in a cozy basement inn. Then a break at the hotel.


















In the afternoon I'm going down to the harbor. Or the harbor might be so much said. Münster is located on a canal and from ancient times riverboats could dock here. There are a number of commercial buildings and warehouses. The quay have been transformed into cafes and designer stores, but in the surrounding areas, the old industrial and warehouse buildings are still standing. Here it's really fun to walk around, and now and then to places I'm not sure I'm allowed to go. A few hours are spend here before returning to the hotel.


















Evening walk around the old town. My basement inn full, so instead I dine at a local Vietnamese, before relaxing at room 29.


Saturday, October 14th


Sunshine and nice weather from the morning. Perfect for another walk. This time Münster center. I follow a plan from the local tourist brochure. One of them with a walk from 1-24, however, starting at the 13th attraction as it is closest to the hotel. It's a nice walk. There are lots of churches, nice streets, a huge market in the city, nice town hall with a nice "Friedenssaal". Large parts of Münster's center are rebuilt so it reminds of old days. It is quite clear that it is not. At 1 pm I return to the hotel to relax.


















Departure again at 3. Walk to railway station and a local train to Dortmund. It's football time at legendary Westphalen Stadium - or Signal Iduna Park, as it is called in these commercial times. The ticket has been purchased on viagogo, but luckily it works. So a good hour before the match, I climb up to Block 54, row 26 - all the way up under the roof. However, there is nice view of the pitch and not least "Die Gelbe Wand", which is Dortmund's amazing fan-group.


Dortmund play against Leipzig with Yussuf Poulsen on top. 80,100 spectators, and already after 4 minutes we have a defensive mistake and Dortmund lead.Shortly after Leipzig equalizes and in the middle of the half, Yussuf scores for Leipzig, giving them a 2-1 lead. 2nd half and even more drama. Another defensive error from Dortmund, professional foul, penalty, red card and 3-1. Then Leipzig has taken control of it until they also get a man thrown out. Later Dortmund gets a penalty after a video referee intervenes. Looks like nothing, but at ZDF later in the evening you can see it is ok. 3-2. But Dortmund doesn't get any closer and loses a home game for the first time in 2½ years. 80,000 disappointed fans. Back to the train station, back to Münster, some food and then back to the hotel, and back to bed.


Sunday, October 15'th


Ophelia is a hurricane, which is heading for Ireland. As a side effect, it has brought wonderful weather to Germany, with temperatures up to 23 degrees. Then from morning time it's out into town again. The walk begins by visiting Aase. It is Münster's recreational lake, where you can go sailing and walk around in the lovely weather. I do the latter before turning back toward the center and walk around in the nice little streets - this time without the guidance of a tourist brochure. Breakfast on a nice pub. Schnitzel and beer. So it must be.


















At 3 o'clock I pick up the luggage at the hotel and go to the station. At 4 the train leaves for Hamburg. Here I am a little over 6. And then the trouble starts. The planned train to Flensburg is not running. So I have to change plans, and instead of coming home at 11, I will be back at 3 am - including a one-hour stay in Flensburg and 2 in Fredericia. And then it will take just another ½ hour in Fredericia because of track work and delay. So at 4 o'clock I am back home. Tired - and pissed.


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