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Hennings Homepage

Welcome to Hennings Homepage.

Read about my trips to different places.

For each trip there is a travelogue with pictures,

and a photoalbum. Enjoy.





April 2018. One week in Latinamericas most modern metropol. Looking for hats, papars and a canal.



Los Angeles and New Orleans

December 2017. A 30 year aniversary trip to two fine cities - and a long trainride in between.




October 2017. Nice weekendtrip to Münster with a football-match in Dortmund.



Faroe Islands and Scotland

July 2017. Summertrip as Island-hopping. Faroe Islands, Orkney and Shetland - Edinburgh and Aberdeen in between.



May 2017. Feyenoord - Feyenoord - champions.





April 2017. 2 weeks in Vietnam - going north to south. Hanoi - Hoi An - Saigon. Great place - great people.




December 2016. A short Chrismas break in Berlin. Mainly away from the normal tourist zones.




October 2016. One week in Naples - including trips to Pompeji and Amalfi-coast.




July 2016. Perth and Sydney in each corner of the continent - and a 3 day trainride in between.



Washington and New York

March 2016. A combo with the most powerful place on earth - and the most exiting on top.




December 2015. Christmas and New Year in busy Tokyo. Streetwalking, sightseeing and mountainwatching.




October 2015. One week. 2 x Rugby, 1 x football and 1 x NFL. Sightseeing as well.




July 2015. The Rhine, Schwartzwald, historic cities and big cities. Southwest of Germany - here we come.



May 2015. A mini-break to Bremen. Bremerhaven, Werder und Weser as well.




April 2015. An Easter-trip to this lovely place in Croatia. Sidetrips to Montenegro and Mostar.




Costa Rica

January 2015. This years New Year trip took me to Costa Rica. Plenty of wildlife and miserable weather.





September 2014. A 3-week Tour de France. Not by bike though - but by train.





December 2013. An exiting Christmas and Newyears-trip to this huge and polluted city.




Las Vegas and Chicago

September 2013. My birthday-trip to myself. To Las Vegas and to Chicago.




Basque Country

July 2013. Summer trip to the Spanish part of The Basque Country. Visiting Vitoria-Gasteiz, San Sebastian and Bilbao.



March 2013. The Big B-trip. Visits to Blackpool, Birmingham and Bristol. Old and demolished places and football too.



December 2012. 6 days between Christmas and New Year - in a city that has so many opportunities.




July 2012. 10 days in Sweden, taking in the big cities - Mainly Stockholm, but also Gothenburg and Malmö.




April 2012. One week in the capital of Ukraine. Plenty of Cathedrals and bright colors.




October 2011. Architecture, Messi and getting lost in the beautiful city of Barcelona.




September 2011. Very spontaneous, football, Canterbury and sightseeing off the beaten track..




July 2011. One week in Belgium. Staying in Brussels and daytrips to Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges.




April 2011. One week in the spring. The weather was fantastic. So was the sights.



New York

January 2011. A very cold week in New York outside season. Hockey, Broadway, Bullriding, Photo-walk and sightseeing.



July 2010. 3 hot summerweeks with a tiny earthquake, quite a lot of rain, temples and a lot of people.




February 2010. A 12-day wintertrip to Miami - with a detour down to Key West.



Germany, Austria and Hungary

July 2009. A summervacation with 3 weeks on Interrail on 1'st class to Centraleurope.



Hong Kong and Macau

February 2009. A long way from home to 2 old colonies. Tall building, old culture and Casino's.



Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

July 2008. A visit to Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn - 2 weeks by bus.





March 2008. Very cold and windy. Normandy with the invasion coast, Brittany and Paris.




September 2007. The northern part - by bus to Belfast, Giants Causeway, Derry, Galway, Inishmore and Dublin.




April 2007. A spring-trip to Lisbon and Porto. Old neighborhoods in Lisbon - football and portwine in Porto.




August 2006. An exotic trip to places like Salvador de Bahia, Iguassu, Buzios and Rio in the rain.



Tuscany and Cinque Terre

February 2006. Florence and Lucca in Tuscany and the the cold and windy Cinque Terre at The Mediteranean.



New York and Boston

August 2005. New York is my favourite city on this planet. A week here, and 5 days in Boston on the top.



Poland, Czech Republic and Germany

March 2005. A trip by ship and bus. Visits to Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Dresden - and Auschwitz underway.



October 2004. One week with trips to Monaco, Antibes and Entrevaux - ending up with a few days in Paris.



England and Scotland

July 2004. A trip in parts of Middle England - York and Lake District. Then up to Glasgow, and a golftournament at Loch Lomond.



February 2004. Mexico City, Oaxaca and Puebla was on the program at this exiting trip to Mexico.




August 2003. A trip around the fjords in the western part of Norway - and Bergen, where it wasn't raining at all.




May 2003. Suddenly I had af few days off. Just enough for a small trip to Hamburg.



San Francisco and Las Vegas

February 2003. San Francisco is an exiting city and then Las Vegas with all the Casino's and a strange trip to Grand Canyon.



August 2002. A trip to exiting places in Northern Spain. Santiago de Compostela, Gijon and Santander was on the program.



March 2002. A week in Athens with old stones and ruins. They should fix some of it.




December 2001. Lots of football, a huge ferris wheel and some strange pictures.




August 2001. 2 weeks with geysers, glaciers and waterfalls. Like a visit to the moon - and a strange trip home.




March 2001. A trainride to cold Prague in the off-season. Laterna Magica and Hockey - among others.



Argentina and Chile

November 2000. A fantastic trip to cold Patagonia - the most southern of the south - and ending up in hot hot Buenos Aires.


Madrid and Seville

March 2000. One week in each city, with sidetripes to local sights and cities. Including Real Madrid.




October 1999. With the train on a short trip to Berlin. They were building all over the city.



Vancouver and Seattle

June 1999. Visit to two progressive and nice cities. Trips to nice nature and a real bear on the road.




January 1999. Gaudi, Camp Nou, Rambla and a trip to Monterrat - among others.



Australia and Singapore

January 1998. A 5 week long trip to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Broken Hill - and finishing off in Singapore.