Bremen 2015 english

Wednesday, May 13th


A short trip to Bremen.


I leave by train from Aarhus at 5 pm. Change of trains in Kolding, Flensburg, Neumünster and Hamburg. Arrival in Bremen shortly before midnight. Nice trip in the evening, with few passengers on the German trains.


Sleeping is at IntercityHotel – just beside The Hauptbahnhof. I get to bed immediately – to be ready for tomorrow.


Thursday, May 14th


The Hotel gave me a ticket for free rides on the public transport. So after breakfast – I will start using this. I take the local tram a few stops.


Then I will walk along the river Weser to an area called Überseestadt. A huge Kelloggs-factory put a stop to that plan. You have to get around it to go any further. But they can sure make a lot of corn-flakes there.


I end up at Überseestadt. It’s one of these areas you find in all cities with a little bit of water. Old industry turned into fancy apartments, shopping, café’s and culture. But honestly – this version is not that charming. Maybe it’s because it’s cold and windy.


















Back to the city center with another tram. I check out the tourist traps around Markt and the small alley called Böttcherstrasse. Jingleballs at 12 noon – jesus.


Then down to Weser for a short walk before heading back to the hotel and some Chinese on the way.


After my hotel-break I head out again to the area called Schnoor. Fancy old houses, now mainly for souvenir-shops. It’s ok to walk around here, if you can abstract from the tourist-stuff.


















Then I head on to another neighborhood called Viertel. It’s a cozy place. It’s the troublesome area of Bremen, with overdue houses, overdue people, graffiti and strange stuff. I hang out for a couple of hours before making this a day, and heading home for the hotel, a pizza, coffee and a Rittersport.


Friday, May 15th


Daytrip to Bremerhaven. It’s a short trip by train – only 30 minutes. It’s the same time as it takes to walk from Hauptbahnhof to city-center and harbor. There are a few museums but it’s not raining – so no museums for me. I take a long walk along the river Weser. I see sailing-ships, new apartments with great views, tuck-boats, other boats on the river, small industry and warehouses – and further out – longer than I want to walk – is the big industrial harbor.


















Lunch is at a café by the docks. A huge Jägerschnitzel – this is Germany at it’s best. I am back in Bremen at 3 – and it’s time to relax at room 424.


Spaziergang no. 2 is at 6 pm. The weather has improved. It’s a great walk around Altstadt, crossing a few bridges, passing Beck’s Brewery and then back again. Dinner is a huge Krakauer and a beer in a beergarten at the riverside.


















Saturday, May 16th


Saturday in Bremen. After the fine hotel breakfast I head out into the Burgerpark. It’s huge – and stangely not among the main sights in the city. A few other burgers have found the place for a stroll this morning among trees, plants and fields. A few small bridges, a small farm with live animals and a few old houses turned into restaurants as well. Nice place.


















Afternoon is Fussball-time. It’s ausverkauft, but I have got a ticket for Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach. It’s the last homegame of the season for Werder. They are 8th – Borussia has had a fine year and is 3rd. It’s a great game of football in a great atmosphere. Gladbach is the better team – and deserve their 2-0 win. The local crowd is not too concerned. Season is ok – and Hamburg is losing – and is in trouble at the bottom.


Evening-schnitzel at a local joint. Not as good as the one in Bremerhaven.


Sunday, May 17th


It’s time to go home. Late breakfast and a ting at 11 to Hamburg. Then another train for Flenburg – bus to Tinglev – train to Vojens – bus to Fredericia – and train to Aarhus. It’s complicated – and Danish railway as usual mess it all up. I’m back home at 8.


Beck's Bier
Bremen Altstadt
Weser Stadion