Australien 1998 english

Monday 26'th


Departing Vejle at 6.03 am - with 4 hours of sleep in the bag. Well - I will be sleeping on the trip - and anyway - I couldn't do it in advance due to the exitement.


In Copenhagen a little before 9 a.m - then by bus to Kastrup Airport. Fast check-in and ready for the flight to Singapore.


Departure with Singapore Airlines at 11.30 am - exectly. Pretty fancy flight taking about 12 hours. That's a long time eventhough you could watch the movies and play the Nintendo on a small screen built into the seat in front of you. Saw "The Full Monty" - and some stupid action film featuring Anthony Hopkins. Can't remember the title. Not worthy for remembering.


Playd some golf on the Nintendo. 132 strokes above par in the first round was not to impressive. The flight itself was - boring.


Food was ok - but looked more impressive on the menu. The spirit in the plane was like on a charter-plane. A lot of people would be continuing on to Australia. The flight went past Moscau, cross Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladest, Thailand and Malaysia. It feels strange to cross hight above places like Kabul and Bangladest with so much death and poverty. Above Malaysia there was a huge thunderstorm - very impressive


Tuesday 27'th


Landing in Singapore at 7 am. local time. Absolute bomber - me of course, not Singapore. This was just the time to go to bed, but that was kind of impossible. The flight to Sydney has been resceduled from 10 am to 11.30 am. Slighthly panic. On the first schedule I would be in Sydney at 9 pm - og and key for the hotel should be picked up at midnight. Now nothing much should go wrong -and I would be late


Uses the time in Singapore looking around in what should be the most efficient airport in the world. Changi it's called. Very nice, very big, very efficient - and very boring.


Departure at 11.30 am to Sydney. On time - thank god. Also an Airbus like the one to Singapore. 9 hours trip - thank god I sleep some of it.


What I see from the flight is actually very nice. Especially approaching Sydney in the evening. Just circling the city and I can see fireworks. The chinese celebrate their new year. First time for me watching the fireworks from above.


We land in Sydney at 10 pm. Im lucky and gets quickly past the customs. They are pretty hysteric and a lot of people get checked. They are looking for food - meat and fruit are banned to cross.


Out of the airport looking for a taxi to the hotel. But then there's a minibus, that tours the hotels in downtown. I'll take that instead. I'm at Victoria Street in Kings Cross half an hour before midnight. I get my key at a local grocery-store. Then into Highfield House - and find no. 32. A very small room with a bed, a sink and nothing else. It's very hot on this side of the earth. A quick douche - I needed that -and then sleep..............


Wednesday 28'th


Wake up pretty early. The first thing I notice is the that the birds sounds different compared to home. The second thing I notice is, that the garbage men sounds exactly the same. Very noisy. Breakfast at a local McDonald - and then going Downtown.


Into Greyhound Pioneer to get my aussie-pas confirmed. Then a walk to Circular Quay, and with a ferry across Sydney Harbour to Tarango Park Zoo. Take the cable-car to the top of the hill, where the zoo is located. From here you walk down all the time - until the exit at the bottom. Pretty smart. The zoo was nice. Surprisingly there were Koalas and Kangaroos - so everything was just fine. There were not a lot of people - probable due to the hot weather - 36 degrees celsius, that's 97 F.

























Back to the hotel in the afternoon - just to find out that the sun is a little hard on someone from the northern part of the world.


In the evening I check out my local neighbourhood - pretty dusty - but I do find a supermarket with some decent sun-screen.


Thursday 29'th

Not so hot today. 26 degrees celsius (79F). I take the metro to Bondi Junction - and changes for the bus to Bondi Beach. From there a very nice walk along the beach - a scenic route. Ends up in Bronte - and from there back to Highfield House in the afternoon


















Later that day a long walk to Downtown - looking for some "must-sees". Down to Sydney Harbour, The Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge (when I finally found the way up there), crossing the bridge - very nice wiev. The the Opera-house - and a walk around it - you have to do that.


Then back to the hotel. My feet have made some miles today - and they are not to happy about it.


Friday 30'th


With the metro to Cronulla. A very rich suburb with huge houses and nice boats. A think this is the place to go, when you get retired. After walking the wrong way I finally find what I'm looking for - and old fishingboat that takes the trip to Bogheeda at the outskirts of the Royal National Park. Very much a retired-peoples- place-to-go. No real tourists here - except me.


















Walks a little around Bogheeda. My feet is huring so it's not to much. Back with the boat and the metro - and back to some recreation at the hotel.


Saturday 31'st


Going to Darling Harbour - after having checked-out at Highfield House, and put my luggage at a locker at the bus-depot. Sydney Aquarium - very nice- you could walk under the water and look up on the sharks and a lot of different fish.


Finds a place to sit down with a book - then on to Chines Garden - a nice garden placed right under two freeways - so the thing is pretty noisy.


Finally ends up in an Internet-cafe in a local shopping-mall. Looking for e-mail - and sending some - if it works ok.


Late in the afternoon back to the Greyhound-station for my trip to Melbourne. I have chosen the Express-route running during the night, and a planned stop on the way to Melbourne has been dropped. Leaving with Greyhound at 7 pm.

Sunday february 1'st


Arriving in Melbourne at 6.30 am. Trip was ok. Very nice bus. Actually I slept quite well and everything seems ok.


















Then I take a funny little trip on the river and from here back to the hotel to see the final of the final. The boat pasted right by the tennis-stadium, when the final was underway.


The evening I spend in front of the telly.


Monday 2'nd


















Tuesday 3'rd


I start out with "The Met" to Belgrave - when I finally found out how to buy my ticket. Some weird salesperson insisted that I had to buy the ticket in a ticket-machine. At the ticket-machine they had put up another person telling everyone how the ticket-machine was working. And what ticket to buy to go to Belgrave.


In Belgrave I changed to "Puffing Billy" for Lake Emerald. "Puffing Billy" is an oldfashioned steam-train running in the hills of The Dandanongs - very nice views during the trip. Spend a few hours at Lake Emerald - went for a walk - read in a book - as far as the flies allowed me to - then going for the local model-railway with 1,5 miles of tracks. The owner started the whole thing, eventhough I was the only one around.

























Back again in the afternoon. First down the hill on "Puffing Billy" - then "The Met" back to Melbourne


Wednesday 4'th


Today is for relaxing. I take the one of the local trams to St. Kilda Beach. Takes a walk along the famous beach to St. Kilda Pier, with an impressive view to Downtown Melbourne.


















Then back to Melbourne and a pretty long walk around downtown - mainly because I didn't get the tram back I had to. In the evening I go to Lygon Street at the outskirts of downtown. A lot of nice restaurants there. Get myself a pizza before returning to the hotel.


Thursday 5'th


On a trip with Autopia-tours. 22 people - plus the funny driver. Leaving at 12.30 pm. First stop is a small fauna-park, with Koalas, Emus, Wombats and Kangaroos. You can feed the Kangaroos - they are very tame and is easy to get pictures of.


From there on to Phillp Island and a "conservation koala-park", where they try to help some homeless koalas. We go for a walk in the park on some boardwalks, with some good photo-opportunities.


From there we move on to "The Nobbies" looking for seals. Unfortunately you weren't able to do so that day - the binoculars wasn't working. But the place was nice anyway with the waves hammering onto the coast. It used to be some kind of volcano-area - the coast was partly made by black lava.


From there on to the major town on the island Cowes for a pizza.

























At about 7 pm it was time for the highlight of the tour "The Penguin Parade". Every night at sunset a few thousend people gather to watch the penguins seeking land. The penguins sleeps in some shelters in the hills, and spends the day catching fish in the ocean. Our very nice driver showed us the best place to watch. At 9 pm the first penguins started leave the water and do their funny walk to their shelters - not concerned at all of the huge audience. It all looked extremely funny when they crossed the beach all looking for their own little private home. For the next hour still more penguins showed up. Unfortunately - no pics - it was getting dark and flashlight was not allowed. At 10 pm back with the very nice group - and arriving at the hotel shortly before midnight.


Friday 6'th


Another relaxing day. In the afternoon a two-hour walk to - and around - the Royal Botanic Garden - and then back again. Like all other things in Melbourne most impressive.


Actually Melbourne was a very positive surprise. So much room - so much place around you - you never feel like you in a huge city as in fact you are. Not even in downtown. Great city.


In the evening for som chinese food - in chinatown of course. Chicken with chili and peanuts. Hot and spicy !!!


Saturday 7'th


Exit Melbourne - and hello to Wayward Bus along "The great ocean road" etc. to Adelaide. 3 days on a bus with 20-22 other backpackers - and 4 of them from the penguin-tour. And then there were Ralph - the funny driver on this trip.


Plenty of stops along the way. First one at Bells Beach - and a see full of surfers. Later that day the water comes from elsewhere. From the top and you get soaked at the stops. The bus gets pretty nasty as well - but who cares. We make a stop at Apollo Bay - and a picnic lunch in Otway Ranges - a rainforest (of course) with nice chances for a short walk.


Later we arrive at "The twelve apostles" and Lord Arc Gorge at the ocean. Very impressive views - and not less impressive in the rain. Then its London Bridge - more cliffs in the ocean - until a few years ago the were part of the mainland - then some dumped in the water, and now they are cliffs in the ocean instead.


















Before we get to our place for the night in Port Fairy, Ralph suddenly turns right at a small nationalpark called Tower Hill. He mentions something about some vulcano-lakes - and they do look pretty. But suddenly - the place is full with kangaroos and wallabies - and up in the trees we get to see several koalas. All of them "live" - no fences around here. Ralph is a little disappointed - there were no emus. The rest of the bus is running high.


The whole day have been full of adventure and some very beautiful nature. Finally we reach Port Fairy. I get myself a single room at the local pub. The room is the size of my apartment ! - and the rate is 12 $ - radiculously cheap. Some food - and then sleep.


Did I miss anything ?- yes - in the morning suddenly Ralph stopped - hmm he believes theres a secret cave around here. Usually they don't make a stop here, but we were running early so today was the chance. Actually he is not really sure that it's here. But we take the chance - all people of the bus - passing a beach full of stones and some small rocks - and suddenly we have past the entrence without noticing. All down on their knees and crawl into the cave, which were used in the old days by the aboriginals. You won't find this place in any guide-book - some trip this.


Sunday 8'th


Going on with Wayward Bus. The athmosphere in the bus is fantastic. First stop is Portland, where there is a go-cart grand-prix. The small go-carts runs in a closed curcuit on the streets. We watch - and take a walk in the pit - and in this small town as well.


Moving on in this fantastic landscape. We cross the "border" between Victoria and South Australia. You can see the difference on the telephone-poles. I Victoria they are made of wood - in South Australia they are made of concrete. In that way you always know in which place you are. Just to let people know they have place one of each just on each side of the border. And with the purpose to confuse all tourists they have another time in South Australia - you have to turn the clock half an hour back - looks a bit like a compromise!!


Then on to Mount Schank - a vulcanocrater which we "climb". Its pretty tough, but it's worth it when you look down into this huge hole, that suddenly said "boom" many years ago.


















A short visit at "Little Blue Lake" where some local youngsters are having fun jumping from the cliffs huge about the lake and into it. From there on to Mt. Gambier and the real "Blue Lake" - and yes - it is very blue. Picnic at the lakeside doesn't make it worse.


On to Umpherston Cave. Some kind of hole in the ground full of plants and flowers. The to Canunda National Park - some very impressive cliffs - and then to Beachport for the night.


Staying at the pub - dinner with the group at Bompa's (another pub), a walk onto the ½ mile long jetty before bedtime. For some reason you sleep very well.


Monday 9'th


Last day on Wayward. Departure Beachport - and for a local farm for some breakfast and sheep cutting. Then north to Kingston and "The Big Lobster". The aussie's does have some strange monuments here and there, and "The Big Lobster" is such a thing - a huge lobster made out of plastic located just outside a restaurant.


On to "The Coorong" - some kind of desert-like nationalpark. A stop at "The Granites" - some graniteblocks on the beach - just about 500 mio. years old. Next stop is some huge sand-cliffs, where we all take our shoes off and walks to the top.

























From there to a saltlake - about 2 inches of hardpressed salt on top of a lot of inches of very disgusting black mud. The risk of "going through" is there. 2 from the group does, and get very nasty feet. Then we cross the Murray-river at Wellington and its down through Adelaide Hills until we reach Adelaide.


Arriving in Adelaide at about 7 pm. Checking in on Clarice Motel - get some food - back to bed early - again.


Tuesday 10'th


Adelaide - takes a look around town. Up and down the streets - very neat. In the afternoon I take a very old tram to Glenelg right at the beach. Thats a touristtrap. Plenty of colourfull shops, the beach, and some extremely ugly hotels along the beach. Thank god I didn't choosed to stay here - that was under consideration.


Back again - to the motel.


Wednesday 11'th


Bustrip to Borossa Valley - a huge winegrowing area north of Adelaide. Just 8 people on the bus and the funny driver. A "nicer" crowd then on Wayward.


















Thursday 12'th


Leaving late morning on route 822 to Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills. Very nice trip up there - and very nice and cozy wildlige (tamelife!) park. Plenty of kangaroos and wallabies.


A group of dingo's are enjoying themselves - but you couldn't walk round between them like the kangaroos.


The Tasmanian Devil isn't out - until the ranger comes by with 2 dead rats for lunch. Then suddenly Jackson - as it is called - gets very active. The ranger tells that Jackson is offended because he had been moved to another location, so therefore he stays in his cave under the ground most of the time.


















Back to Adelaide. A short walk by the river - it's nice. Lookinf for a small 9 hole golf-course I have seen on a map. Finds it - but unfortunately closed for the day. Too bad - you could have rented some clubs and taken a quick 9 holes for 8 $,


Friday 13'th


A one-day trip to Kangaroo Island. Get up at 6 am to catch the bus for Cape Jarvis. From there one hour by boat to Pennishaw. In Pennishaw the local hostel has arrangered a sightseeing-tour of the island. Once again - looking for cliffs and very impressive nature. Suddenly we are close to run over a Goanna. A Goanna is a lizard. Pretty much liked since it eats snakes. So if there's a Goanna in the back yard you're pretty sure there are no snakes.


Its time for a picnic-lunch. In the tree beside there's a koala sleeping. A few yards from there there's another. "Watch the spider-web" says an aussie-girl on the bus, before we go over there. And she is right, there's a huge spider-web between 2 trees - and I have been told that it's a bad idea to bother the local spiders. They might be dangerous. So you better walk the other way around.....

























From here on to a local sheep cutting - for the second time - and then to the highlight of the tour Seal Bay. We walk around on the beach among the seals, who are up on the beach for a 3-day nap before going fishing again. Even though most are sleeping there are some kind of activity - and you can watch at a few yards distance. This is real nature - no wildlife park or the like.


From there it's on to a local wildlife (?) park. Feeding the kangaroos and emu's, cuddling the koala's - if you're into that - and some very cute kangaroo, wombat and possum-youngsters.


Back to Pennishaw, and the boat to the mainland - this was a mistake, I should have stayed on this island for longer - and then by bus back to Adelaide. Back to the motel right after midnigh - so there's been 18 hours of sightseeing today - don't come here and say that traveling is relaxing.


Saturday 14'th

























Sunday 15'th


Halfday-trip to Silverton, some kind of ghosttown 20 miles from Broken Hill. Very much the outback. This is a new record - we are only 3 on the bus today. I Silverton we are taken to some local galleries, meet some con-man who has made a living out of cutting the kangaroo out of old 1-cent coins, and sell them to the stupid tourists. We end up in Silverton hotel - and it's time for a VB. (Victoria Bitter - their local beer - and a very good one) glimrende).


















Severel movies - and especially commercials - have been shot in Silverton. You know, those with beers, thirsty men - and far away from everything.


Monday 16'th


In the morning I was going mining in Broken Hill. Ray - the tour guide - was speaking so incredably fast that it was very hard to follow. But fun and exiting anyway to walk around underground with a hard-hat. The mine was a metal mine where they used to find silver, zink and other metals.

























In the afternoon I was leaving Broken Hill on Greyhound Pioneer back to Sydney. The trip would take 15 hours - but there was plenty of room in the bus.


Tuesday 17'th


Arriving in Sydney at 9.30 am. Checking in at Sydney Central Private Hotel close to the railway-station and the bus-terminal. More central, better standard and a little more expensive than Highfield House, and probable the slowest lift in the world.


Got some sleep - takes a walk around town - watch som winter-olympics on the tv - and going for some chinese food nearby.


Thats all for today.


Wednesday 18'th


















Thursday 19'th


















Friday 20'th


On a trip to the Blue Mountains. Departure at 8 am with a minibus - about 16 people on board - and then we go. A lot of places with great views. Looks a bit like Grand Canyon only with trees at the bottom. The funny guide was very cozy and had a special interest in birds and plants. He was not to happy with the views this day in the morning due to the westernly winds. It wasn't blue enough in his opinion.


In Katoomba we try the Skyway, that takes us out right over the canyon, so you can really look down, about a 1000 feet..

























On the way back we go into a nationalpark at Glenbrooke, where there are plenty of kangaroos and where we practice som boomerang-throwing. Very funny - and not that difficult. First try was decent - second one was a disaster.


Back in Sydney at 7 pm


Saturday 21'st


A long wald around Sydney. Hyde Parks, The Domain, Royal Botanic Gardens, Wooloomooloo (thats what it's called), Kings Cross (where I buy some real boomerangs - not those that are sold in souvenir-shops) East Sydney, Darlinghurst and back home to the hotel


In the afternoon I go to the movies for the first time on this trip. "As good as it gets" - Jack Nicholson


Sunday 22'nd


I need this day just for relaxing . So its of to Rushcutter Bay Park - a book - and nothing else.


Monday 23'rd


On the train at 8 am to Hawkesbury River - about 30 miles norht of Sydney. From there with the mail-boat on a river-cruise. Underway we deliver mail and other goods to a number of isolated places. Pretty fun - eventhough it was raining part of the trip

























Back home on the train and back in Sydney at 3 pm. Later that day to Harbourside in Darling Harbour to get internet-acces - and finally back to downtown on monorail.


Tuesday 24'th


















Wednesday 25'th


Exit Sydney - and exit Australia. Gets up early to catch the airbus for the airport. Again Singapore Airlines to Singapore, where I will spend a few days.


Fly across Australia. This time I can really feel the size of this place - and see how much of it thats just plain desert.


Lands in Singapore. It's extremely hot - and the air is very humid. Not very nice for a scandinavian like me.


















Thursday 26'th


'Singapore is a fine country,' said the taxi driver. 'In Singapore we have fines for everything.' Smoking in public places is out. You can smoke at food stalls and on the street (as long as you dispose of your cigarette butt correctly, of course). Eating, drinking and smoking are forbidden, and watch out if you use the MRT toilet and forget to flush. - from Lonely Planet


Now its time to see what Singapore is like. Or what I can keep up to. You soon learn to take the bus, the train or a taxi.


In the morning to Chinatown, and from there to Financial District and the old coloni-part. Walks to much - way to much. There are concrete-blocks all over. And what is left of the old buildings it seems like they are destroying as fast as they can.

























Taxi back to the hotel for a siesta.


Later another walk down the famous shopping-street Orchard Road. There are millions of people around, that do nothing else but shop. To be shopping seems to be the main attraction in Singapore - maybe because all the air-conditioned shopping-malls actually is the only place you can breathe.


There are so many people on Orchard Road that the signals for the pedestrians crossing the road counts down. 15-14........3-2-1 - and then you better be off the road.


Back home again with a taxi to the hotel. A shower, some tv and to bed.


Friday 27'rd


Take the MRT to Jurong Birdpark. MRT is the local subway. The trains runs every 1½ minute in the rush-hours - so they really get people moved.


Jurong Birdpark is incredible. Everything is so green due to the humid climate, and there are so many exotic birds. Even if you don't know anything about birds you get impressed.

























Especially a huge voliere - hvor you can walk around while the birds fly around your ears - is very impressive.


Saturday 28'th


Downtown Singapore again. With some kind of boat on the river. Seems a little unsafe. You almost have to jump on-board into the small boat.


Survives the trip anyway. Get a danish hot-dog at a danish hot-dog bar at the quay. It's so nice to be travelling :-)


















Moves on watching concrete-blocks and shopping-malls. Shopping is so essential for the Singapore-people. I have never seen shopping-malls like this. And I don't care about shopping-malls at all.


Sunday 1'st


The worst day on all trips. The last one.


Get my things packed and visits a local place I have heard about. It's a pretty special place. A lot of locals hang out there on sunday mornings - each bringing a birdcage - with a bird inside.


Then you hang your birdcage up on some hooks under the ceiling so the birds can sit and sing together, while all the men (and it is only a mens-thing this) sits down for some coffee or a beer, and listen to the birds singing. They stay there for a couple of hours and then returns back home.

























Back to the hotel - checks out - but leaves the luggage for a later pick-up.


Now for Singapore Garden Zoo. Like the birdpark its amazing. Spend the afternoon here. So this trip started with a zoo (Sydney) and ends with a zoo.


In the evening back to the hotel. My plane leaves about midnight, but to be on the safe side I have booked my bus for the airport to 9 pm.


The bus is precise and it takes me to the airport. Goes to check-in - and here on the end of my trip I get the greatest surprise at all. The plane to Copenhagen i overbooked - would I mind going via Paris?. I dont care - especially when they tell me about compensation. 500 singapore-$ (about 400 us-$), the whole trip on first class and some small gifts on the top. Bingo I say - Im on to that.


The only problem is that the Paris-plane leaves earlier than the Copenhagen-plane. And I thought I was in good time - which I'm suddenly not. Check-in takes a lot of time, since they have to change everything. Im taken to some special place where I get my "reward" - then into the departure-hall - have to change my Singapore-money to US-money. Find a toilet - change my clothes. I have been sweating all day, and I dont want to travel like that. Buy cigarettes and whisky - on to the gate - and now we're boarding in 5 minutes.


But flying class - wauw. Free choice in food and drinks - and we are not talking 5$-wine here. Oh no - good wines this is. And you don't get all your food served on one tray - no one thing at a time - and you have all the room you could dream of - this is better than monkey-class. Smiles to som americans who actually paid for this - and is complaining all the way.


Breakfast on 1'st class is 6 dishes!. Try most of it before we land in Paris.


In Paris I have to hurry to catch the Air-France plane to Copenhagen. And suddenly it's a bit cold only wearing a t-shirt. Find my plane to Copenhagen, gets on-board - and of course we are not moving for an hour due to technical problems.


Finally we take-off. The weather is horrible all the way, and as we have to land in Copenhagen, we are told that we have to circle around a little bcause they can't take alle the planes down - there are snow on the runways - shit.


Fly over Copenhagen for more than an hour - and we are more than 2 hours late as we finally lands. Everything in the airport is chaos. All planes are delayed.


Get my luggage. Find the airport-bus that slowly takes me to the Copenhagen railway-station. Buy a ticket - and on the train back to Vejle.


Im in Vejle in the afternoon - there is snow everywhere.


So this was it.


Taronga Zoo
Taronga Park Zoo
Bondi Beach
Sydney Harbour Bridge

I have to find a place to sleep - central - if possible. Checks out the Victoria Hotel right in downtown. They have single-rooms for 40 $. Seems ok - so I go there. When I get there they have better rooms - with tv, own bath and coffee-making facilities. I take their offer - 52 $ a nigh - 30 $ under their usual price. Get a room immediately - and get myself a few hours of sleep.


The finals of the Australia Open in tennis is running today in Melbourne. You can feel it all over town. I take a walk along the river. Visit the Crown Casino. Loses 20 $ in 90 seconds - what an amateur at a place like this. This is surely a money making machine.




Yarra River

Going public-transport today. First by train to Geelong. Then by a local bus to Queenscliff. In Queenscliff you take the ferry across the bay to Sorrento. In Sorrento you are looking for about an hour to find the only busstop in town. Meanwhile you suddenly run into a fast-food shop selling danish hot dogs. You better try that out - since you're from Denmark. They are awful - they don't know how to make them - eventhough the owner is a former dane - and his wife has some family in Bredballe - just outside Vejle.


In Sorrento I pick up the bus for Frankston. In Frankston you change to "The Met" - back to Melbourne. Funny way to be touristing. Just using ordinary local public transport.


Puffing Billy
Puffing Billy
St. Kilda
St. Kilda
Phillip Island
Phillip Island
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Roac
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road

Visiting a toy-factory and 4 wineyards with free tasting - and the chance to buy of course. At one of them theres a tour. Pretty exiting in fact.


Nice lunch - I got kangaroo - not so bad - but honestly nothing special.


Very nice area, a very nice tour, but all a bit to commerciel - it seems like the purpose of the trip is to have us buy some of their wine.


Back in Adelaide late afternoon. Very hot day today. So just a short walk through town and back to the motel.


Borossa Valley
Cleland Wildlife Park
Cleland Wildlife Park
Phillip Island
Phillip Island

Once again up at 6 am and exit Adelaide. On Greyhound Pioneer to Broken Hill. Broken Hill is "far out", desert - more desert - and plenty of dead kangaroos on the road, all hit by the trucks and cars. There are hours between the towns. The last one before we reach Broken Hill is not that big - 7 people live there. One get of the bus there - "now we are 8" he says.


The trip is annoying . A mother and her 4 extremely badly behaving kids makes everything possible to make as much noice and trouble as they are able to.


Broken Hill in the afternoon. VERY hot out her. Checking in on Mario's Palace Hotel - the most fancy hotel on this trip. The lobby is something special with huge wallpaintings all over. The rooms are real nice - and it seems like there's noone else at the hotel.


Checking out the city, into a pizza-hut - and back to sleep.


Broken Hill
Broken Hill

On tour to Manly and Manly Beach. Takes the ferry from Circular Quay and there is about half an hour to Manly. Some serious walks around the beach and visiting the "Oceanarium" where a seal didn't wanted to do his show just that day.


Back with the ferry. During the trip back there was a fish at least 10 feet long, suddenly jumping 5 feet up in the air and making a twist. I thought it was a shark - but the locals on board claimed that it was a Catfish, which I don't know what is.


A little later we get a good delay. We must wait for the "Oriana" a huge ship, that is leaving Sydney Harbour



On Rivercat to Homebush Bay - home of the olympics in the year 2000. Takes a bus around the area, where you can spot the olympic village, see the hockey stadium, aquatic centre, tennis-courts and of course the Olympic Stadium, which they were building on.


Then back to downtown on Parramatta River.


Sydney Harbour
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains
Hawkesbury River
Hawkesbury River

Last day in Sydney. Take the to Watsons Bay. From there a short walk to "The Gap", and Vaucluse - Sydneys V.I.P area. Can't find how to get back to the ferry, so instead I pick up a bus that suddenly passes by, and take that one into downtown.


Later my last walk around Sydney. Hyde Park, Macquarie Street, The Docks, George Street and Chinatown. Dinner in Chinatown - and back to the hotel.


Hyde Park

Get taken to my hotel Concorde Hotel. Checks in - and what a place this was. The best hotel I have ever been to. A portier takes my backpack to my room at 7'th floor. Im not used to that - I wonder if he should have been tipped?


Takes a walk around my local neighbourhood- mainly a concrete-house-area. Get som "chicken and rice" at some kind of marketplace under one of the blocks. Im sweating like a pig - so I dring at least 5 cokes within a few hours.


Back to the hotel. Watch a little tv - mainly very bad tv-shows.


Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park
Raffles Hotel
Singapore Zoo